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the ultrasonic dog deterrent

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Dazer keeps any unwanted annoying dog away.

They might call it a dog chaser, a dog whistle, a device against aggressive dogs, a sender with a high frequency signal or an instrument to stop dogs from barking and biting.


Fear of dogs disappears; a push on the button of the transmitter and the angry dog ​​turns around. With the Dazer you are as it were armed to the teeth against attacking dogs and you are not bitten


Training AID

The Dazer is also often used by people with dogs and cats to optimize behavioral correction of the pet.

help with fear fot dogs and cats

The Dazer can be used to overcome fear of dogs and cats in confrontations. A dog phobia or a problematic cat fear is almost certainly a thing of the past with the Dazer.



The Dazer prevents a dog bite in any threatening situation with a dog or pack of dogs.


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you have control

Dazer you’re the boss

Ideal for walkers, joggers, cyclists, riders and bird lovers. But also for postmen, delivery staff, newspaper boys, meter readers, police, bailiffs, veterinarians, general practitioners, real estate agents and the gardener.  


Dazer: your faithful companion

 The Dazer gives an ultrasonic sound vibration and cannot be heard by people. Harmless to pets in normal use. Wherever you travel, cycle, walk or work, the Dazer is your best companion.

Not just dogs

Dazer also useful for unwanted cat lists.

Dazer also useful for unwanted cat visits. As you can see in the video on the right, you can also easily get rid of unwanted cat visits. Just point the Dazer at the cat, press the button for 1 or 2 seconds and the ultrasonic sound drives the cat away

This device helped me during my vacation to chase away annoying stray dogs, who didn’t follow me after I used the Dazer


Dazer user

Satisfied customers

Bringing safety and peace of mind is our mission.

I have been in the possession of your Dazer for a few years now, what a great invention! I literally don’t leave home without it. (Due to multiple panic attacks.)


Afraid of dogs

The device works very well. Barking dogs at the neighbors are immediately silent


Bothered by barking dogs


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